Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Youth Of Bhubaneswar Celebrate International Children’s Day Conducting A News Paper Bag Campaign

Bhubaneswar: On the occasion of International Children’s Day, the spirited young minds of Bhubaneswar got together to organize IU Newspaper Bag Campaign.
A total of 100 students and 30 volunteers from different youth groups and colleges joined the global campaign of making Newspaper Bags. Volunteers from Alive Creations, Being Indian Foundation, We4U, Bakul foundation, NMYS & YDF and few others from BJB college, IMS, Utkal University and CSSR came forward to be a part of the project. Ms Preeti Permanik and BP Paikaray from BJEM School participated during the workshop and made the students aware about the adverse impacts of using plastics. BJEM school played a major part in the successful execution of the project.

A   total of 100 bags were made within 2 hours by the kids.The Newspaper Bags will be distributed in major market areas to create awareness and encourage the usage of Newspaper Bags.


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