Tuesday, 15 January 2013

IU NPB 20 Nov Report! - Part 1

A plastic cover lies in the hall. A lady sitting few meters away rushes there, blames the person who put it there and throws it in the dustbin. A piece of plastic lies on the road, thousands walk the way giving it a glance & leaving it there.

A million plastic bags have accumulated this way in every corner of the world. It's not just about ignorance but also about the usage, the plastic that suffocates the soil, the animals that consume it and the plants who share this earth with humans.

Everyone's responsibility is becoming No one's responsibility.

We pulled up our sleeves and sung the slogan of "Use Less Platics", marching the roads of our country  announcing an exciting target of Making 1 Lakh Newspaper Bags on 20th Nov, 2012. 
A team of 10 set out to make the unbelievably huge target happen, spear-headed by Ms. Beena Chowdary, Chief Volunteering Head, IU Newspaper Bag Campaign, mentored and lead by Mr. Sujit Lalwani, Founder & Director, Inspiration Unlimited. We Begun and the people across the country joined us.

16 Schools/Colleges/Institutions from Bangalore joined hands with us to participate in the Making of Newspaper Bags. More than 3700 students were involved in making Bags of Various sizes while many students also displayed their artistic and creative way of making it as well. Volunteers from Ethiopian Business Center from Meghalaya, Youth wing of Assam Congress NSUI learned to make and made more than 100 students make Newspaper Bags on the same day.

A total of 100 students and 30 volunteers from different youth groups and colleges joined the global campaign of making Newspaper Bags. Volunteers from Alive Creations, Being Indian Foundation, We4U, Bakul foundation, NMYS & YDF and few others from BJB college, IMS, Utkal University and CSSR came forward to be a part of the project. Ms Preeti Permanik and BP Paikaray from BJEM School participated during the workshop and made the students aware about the adverse impacts of using plastics. BJEM school played a major part in the successful execution of the project. A total of 100 bags were made within 2 hours by the kids.The Newspaper Bags will be distributed in major market areas to create awareness and encourage the usage of Newspaper Bags.

The IU-NPB 20 Nov Project ended with more than 70,000+ bags being made and distributed in and around the country with youngsters shouting the slogan of "Use Less Plastics". We not just made but replaced the equal number of Plastic Bags.

It doesn't end here! We started the Project with the Making of 1 Lakh Newspaper Bags! 
IU Newspaper Bag Project goes global...! Do you want to join? 

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