Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bag the Paper!

An accidental invention 144 years back lead to the creation of one of the most used material Plastics which 
not just made things easy for people but lead to a creation of a new age altogether-The Plastics Age! The plastic industry has been ever growing at an increasing rate with it’s reach in every sector a man takes his step. But what it ate away is a whole chunk of green earth leading to issues in sectors of Health, Environment & Ecosystem.
“We do not inherit earth from our ancestors we borrow it from our children. “, said a holy man 

which reverberates again to this day. Burdened with issues is Mother Earth, silent and still, waiting for it's beings to take action and save themselves. It is a grim fact that if we continue using things that ease our way we might end up eating ourselves. 

Look around and count the number of plastics to check the levels of damage in society. Alarming?
Yes, There is a need to shift!

IU takes it's step in creating a greener tomorrow with a vision to reduce the usage of Plastics.
November 20th marks IU Newspaper Bag Campaign that will cover the making of 1 Lakh Newspaper Bags around the world. The trend setters, the change makers, the supporters for the Go-Green initiative engage in making Newspaper Bags around the World. The bags made would be distributed in the society with the message “Use Less Plastics”. All it takes is a commitment and a little time of you in reaching out to the right and spreading the message.

It all starts from one. Are you the one from your society who is ready to create the change?

Join the IU Newspaper Initiative in the drive to “Use less Plastics”.
Do you want to register? Log on to,
Want to know what all has been done before? check out .
We will help you make one, you can teach it to another one, the video on making of Newspaper Bag available at

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