Friday, 12 April 2013

A Day Making Newspaper Bags - MESKK

Contributed by a student from MESKK School, Bangalore

 On Monday we were told to bring 10 sheets of paper, glue, cardboard and we were wondering what was it for. On Tuesday we bought all the materials and we were still wondering what was this all about.

Then suddenly our alumni Mr.Mohan came and told us that we were part of something big .We came to know that India was supporting the idea “Plastic Free World” in (the programmes name).India was going to make 100,000 paper bags for this and we were all very happy to know that we were going to make one of these bags .

 Myself, Sharath and my friends Nikhil, Sachith, Hemanth, Hitesh, Siddanth and many others volunteered to take initiative for this activity.We being the volunteers were taught first how to do these paper bags so that we could teach others how to do it.

After our lunch break we all started to prepare the bags. While the activity was going on, Mr. Mohan came and told us about the competition between three classes. We were even more pumped with enthusiasm and started doing the bags more accurately. After we finished with the big bags, Mr.Mohan came and told us how to do smaller ones. So we started doing that and we kept on doing not even bothering about the time.

When we were finished we could not believe that in our class we had made 1000 bags and we were wondering how much could be the total. Then Mr.Mohan came and told us that we have beaten records of Schools in our locality which were also participating. All the students had great fun and we also enjoyed a lot. We like to thank Mr.Mohan and his friends for giving us a part in this Mega Project.

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