Sunday, 30 October 2011

IU News Paper BAG - Brief UP!

The concept is an extension of a simple thought that ran in the mind of a physiotherapist – Dr. Surendra Iyer, from Nepal, when he thought of indulging into some enterprising work to run his daily expenses for himself besides his normal pay that he anyways earnt, to give self a motivational booster of the self dependent feel

The idea took an extension from a small activity to becoming a revolutionary project, under the leadership of the One Young World Ambassador Sujit Lalwani, who gave it a definition that it carries today which makes it stand as an upcoming global revolution. The concept is extremely simple and largely impacting, the grounds on which the OYW Ambassador always chooses to work.

The sagacious planning and calculation of all the impacts this project can have is something that gives a unique touch to this project of being able to serve multiple purposes, and still be extremely simple in it’s execution.

The objectives being served:
1. Saving Trees: As it makes use of already printed Newspaper, it avoids making of fresh paper, and avoids cutting of trees. “A tree not cut, is a tree planted”. In a world like today, where usage of all resources is so high, avoiding wastage is in itself creating resource.

2. It’s another name and direct support to IU Eco-division which wants to mitigate the use of Plastics. It’s a second name for the campaign of IU “Use less of Plastics!”

3. Engaging a large human resource into a simple constructive activity, that impacts society positively, and hence brings in the brotherhood attitudes amongst people. We are sure it would end up inspiring scores of others to think on these lines.

4. Encouraging and setting a new trend of using paper bags and hence serving as an inspiration for people to create taste from waste, on a large scale. A movement which involves the best blood of the world endorsing the idea, executing & promoting it.

5. A greener and a better world for all.

The only expectation we have from you is to directly involve first hand into this initiative of ours. For more info on understanding how to make these bags, Visit and type “How to make IU Newspaper BAGs?”

Thank you

IU Newspaper BAG Team


  1. Lets do small things in a big way.
    This will be an example for the world that small things can make a large difference.
    Congrats for the brilliant initiative.

  2. you guys are doing amazing work wow i wish u guys will achieve great heights :)